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The International Surfing Association (ISA) and the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) have entered into a key strategic partnership together with us to establish a universally recognized, global standard water safety course and certification for surfing and stand-up paddle (SUP) coaches and instructors. 



There are a couple of key prerequisites to you signing up to either of the ISA surf courses on offer - clearly you’ll need to be able to surf! - you’ll need:

  • A current Beach Life Saving Qualification acceptable to both the ISA!

  • At least two years real and personal surfing experience.

Surf Coach Qualification we Offer

  • ISA Level 1 Surf Coach Award 

  • ISA Level 2 Surf Coach Award 

  • ISA flat water SUP coach award 

  • SLSGB Beach Lifeguard & ISA Surf Coach Level 1

  • SLSGB Beach Lifeguard & ISA Surf Coach Level 2 

  • SLSGB or ILS/ISA Surf Coach Safety Rescue and ISA level 1 

  • Transfer from BSA Surf Coach Awards to ISA 

The aims of this course are as follows:

  • Establish a global minimum standard for Surf/SUP instructors water safety certification as the current water safety requirements vary from country to country. This will translate into a transportable safety accreditation that will benefit travelling coaches.

  • Complement the ISA Coaching and Instructing Program Courses that currently require all ISA accredited instructors to hold a valid, recognized water safety accreditation

  • Promote water safety worldwide.

  • Enhance the value of the ISA Coaching Certification and provide more opportunities to our program participants.

Course Details:

The course is run over two days. It contains theory, practical components, and group activities. Assessment is competency based and successful completion is based upon the following:

  • Full attendance of the training course and all practical assessments

  • Basic Surf Fitness Test

  • Competency in each of the Practical Assessments

  • Completion of course participant workbook

Basic Surf Fitness Test: Run-swim-run to demonstrate surf skill competency, based on small to moderate surf conditions and to be completed within a 5-minute timeframe: Minimum of 100m run, negotiation of the inner surf zone with a swim of at least 100m through the surf and impact zone, 100m run. Course presenters may extend the Basic Surf Fitness Test depending on conditions and adjust the time-frame accordingly.

Practical Assessments: Unconscious board rescue, basic first aid techniques in various scenarios, and provision of basic emergency care, including CPR.

Please find an overview of the ISA/ILS International Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course HERE

All participants will receive an ISA/ILS Water Safety Accreditation that is valid for two years. This accreditation fulfills the minimum water safety requirement for the ISA Coaching and Instructing Program and includes international ILS-endorsement and recognition

All course material will be delivered electronically to the Course Organizer or to the Official Course Presenters.

Renewal: The ISA/ILS Water Safety Accreditation must be refreshed every two years

Please Note: ***Requirements of individual member nations internal requirements in relation to CPR and fitness recertification must also be considered.

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